Defibrillator Training

Defibrillator Training Session

You should have been there, if you weren’t you missed out on a great afternoon.
You could call it a near death experience, because that’s what it will be if we don’t follow Karl’s advice on using the Shed’s defibrillator.
Karl Fletcher gave a pretty inspiring talk on heart attacks (Cardio something or others) how to recognise them and what to do when they occur.

He started off by explaining Fibrillation, how the heart flutters instead of pumps, and of course this makes you fall down, (almost dead). Then he outlined the process of not having blood pumping to the body; the brain needs oxygen within 3 minutes or it will die. He called it brain dead, the rest of the body can survive and still have muscle function for about 8 minutes. Does that remind you of anyone at the Shed?

The first step is to check for breathing by noting the stomach, if it’s moving he is breathing, if not have someone call 000, and call for the Defib, and start cardio compression.
Cardio compression is pumping the heart so blood flows to the brain.

Be aware that a person in our peak physical condition could only do compressions for about 30 seconds before someone else needs to take over. If you are by yourself then you need to get a beer from the fridge and sit and talk about old times, because it’s all over unless the ambos are next door.

As compression continues the Defib should be connected, it’s not rocket science, it is written on the defib pack, follow the instructions and the machine will tell you what to do, just like home. The machine will deliver the shock if needed and compression continues unless the machine tells you to stop while it does the procedure again. Continue until the Ambo’s arrive and then sit down and have that beer.

Many questions were asked and answered, as Karl completed his demonstration. I would say that we are more comfortable using the Defib pack than we were prior. It now sits in the First Aid room, on a bracket, within easy access of the 20 or so Shedders that attended the session. Thanks Karl.

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