Road Rules

When the Men saw the bright coloured Chrysler cruiser pull into the car park and noted it was the Highway Patrol, some were glad they left their trailers at home.
Sergeant Matt Adam, in charge of the six patrol cars based in Mudgee, came along to give the Men of the Shed a refresher on the changes to the traffic laws, and while old men don’t like change there have been a few since 1960. After listening to Matt I’m thinking they should initiate a new licence “L”, “Ps” and “O” so the highway patrol can give us a bit of sympathy.

Oddly the first topic covered was caravanning, something very relevant as the winter approaches Mudgee. Some of the GMVs were a bit wasted on us but given the mirror laws and the tray back laws about load security, I suspect that there will be a line up at Super Cheap next week.

Roundabouts have been a topic of Smoko for some time, it was enough to drive you to three biscuits with tea, but Matt’s explanation was pretty simple: first on has right of way and if in doubt indicate out, that is indication is required at all exit points. It seems Neill will have to move on from hand signals and start using his indicators. That’s the little stick on the right of the steering wheel mate.
Interestingly enough no one mentioned traffic lights, if they ever have to, I for one will move to Coolah.

A big wake-up call for all those members with cross hairs on their bonnets, and a sigh of relief for all those push bike riders in the Shed. As Matt said, have a little patients and respect for cyclists, give us the metre the law allows. OB1 means One Big metre.

Consternation even dismay crossed some members expression when Matt discussed demerit points. It seems that while the points only last for three years before they get wiped, your driving record stays from the beginning. So the offences of your misspent youth can be looked up any time. No good saying you only had one ticket Chris.

The 40k speed for emergency vehicles was discussed and while this law is under review and not completely what the services requested, it is for safety of all services that it was introduced. There is a little common sense applied and even the worst drivers should know to slow down when they see the flashing lights.

So, hands up if you learnt something you didn’t know from the session. The wife is right, we don’t know everything. What a great session, our thanks to Matt Adam and the Highway Patrol.

Check out the following road safety link for a refresher.

Go have a look and learn more.

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