John (Nicho) Nichols

“It must be tea time, Nicho is headed for the Tea Room”, was a familiar cry at the Men’s Shed until Monday last week when he passed away, after a short period of illness.
A much loved gravel voiced, cheerful grump is one description of Nicho. A good friend, good mate, likeable, practical joker (according to Gary) are some of the terms suggested by other shedders.
He was a wizard with matters mechanical, a better welder than Neil (he claimed) and a very proud Grandfather. He was also very modest but champion shooter with a shotgun.
Unfortunately his death was sudden and now involves a Coronial inquiry, so that his funeral will be delayed for many weeks. I will email members when we know of the funeral details, so we can give him a good send off.
On behalf of all Shed members our sincere condolences to Berneice and all of Nicho’s family.

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