August at the Shed

Report by John Witheriff

Graham’s mower has been at the Shed for so long we hope he can remember how it was dismantled. We think Philip is indicating he can’t find a pulse and that the training on the De-Fib may very well come in handy.

Meanwhile in the leadlight room, John is reflecting on the difficulties of putting together a Leaded Mirror, don’t worry mate, you get better with every one you make.  Orders please.

Adrian, on the other hand has moved from Xmas tree decorations to butterflies following a trial run on the tree that toppled over. We did tell him leaded glass is heavy. The idea is not to put them all at the front of the tree.

Kevin, Geoff and Doug are nearing the end of their phone box renovation, never seen Kevin so happy, not sure whether it’s because the job’s nearly completed or he thinks he will get another one to do. At any rate, Scott Cam has got wind of the Reno and is developing a Phone Box Renovation show, we suggest you get your autograph form Kev now before he starts to charge.

After a lengthy planning period, which many wives would say it typical, the Bar-B-Que trailer may get completed this year even though it may not be used in anger for a while yet. Gary is putting the finishing touches on the chassis, and if you need to know the black colour reminds him of home, so we let it pass. The hard part starts Wednesday, putting the box together.

 Over in the other corner, Steptoe and Son are nearing the end of the raised garden beds they are making for the aged persons home. No not the Shed, Australian Unity Home Care will have the residents active planting and growing vegies and flowers.

There is a committee of members working on the nesting boxes, they did a lot of research on the nesting habits of the local Fauna, because no one could remember how it was done. Paul is the Quality Surveyor, nothing but the best goes out of the Shed. Well almost nothing.

We’re not sure but we think John is making a chair for when he sits in the Shed’s vegie garden, now no one will see him, it was hard enough when he was standing.

It is good to see the Shedders following the Covid-19 rules. I know it’s hard to remember all the time to keep 1.5 meters at the smoko table, but it is for our own good. I noted that everyone is taking temperatures and sanitising on entry and the log is being maintained with phone numbers and entry exit times. Well done. A little more sanitising before smoko and lunch would be of benefit to us as well.

The gym is being well utilised by up to 8 and 10 members, it would be great to see a few more, we hope to start some flexibility exercises in the near future, just getting my head around the best way to entice you lot into exercise.  

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