What’s Happenning At the Shed This Month

Report by John Witheriff

Colin and Geoff and Mac have nearly completed the nesting boxes for the Shire to install for homeless Fauna. I did notice that here is a double bed under repair on the next bench, beefing up the springs. Someone must have got over excited by the nesting boxes.

Meanwhile Graham’s mower is moving to the business end of the machine. Kevin seems to be pointing out the obvious, that it won’t do much flaming cutting without blades. We’ll keep you posted on the progress. One thing’s for sure it’s a lot safer for us old blokes to use without blades.

The completion of the phone box, Gary’s trying to put a lid on Kevin’s excitement he’s worried that no one has approached us to do another one, just as he’s getting the hang of it.

Doug on the other hand is giving Geoff fourpence to make a call, “don’t be silly” Geoff replied “ it only costs tuppence”. Neither of them have got anything wrong with their memories, but things have moved on since 1930. A big well done to Kevin, Protos, Altos and Dartanion, for the great work they have done on this job.

Banksie’s had a big day and its only quarter to ten. Like Sampson when Delilah cut his hair, John got his beard cut and he’s obviously lost lots of energy, I don’t care what they’re saying John, I think it looks OK. There’s only a week between a good and a bad haircut.

This is the new suggestion box. It was a great idea from one of the members. It’s made especially without a lid. The thought is that you put your suggestions in it, we will use it as a time capsule and open it in ten years and we’ll know if anyone had a good idea.

Did you know that there are 60 designated wine growing regions in Australia, which produce approx. 1.35 billion bottles of wine, probably a little less now that Ian McMaster has retired, which only means that no matter how hard we try we won’t run out, and believe Jim Cruckshank tries.

Not certain about this lamp stand, looks like some one had a big night, came home and was sick all over it. One things for sure though, John must have tested it because the plug’s been cut off, lucky it wasn’t in the bin as well. Slipped up there John.

Rhonda Gainsford visited the Shed and had the Men gyrating and pelvic thrusting all over the room. It was a very well received session on mobility, balance and flexibility. Most of them went home early following the visit, probably for a nap, it was exhausting. We will set up some more equipment in the gym to facilitate her exercises, so what about Friday morning sessions, were open from 0900 to 1100.