New Year 2021 Newsletter

This is a the resting place of the 1930 PMG phone box restored by Kevin, Geoff, Doug Garry, have I forgotten anyone? Such a great job, and now retired to Storm’s backyard. Well done everyone. Rumor has it that calls will be coming in from every museum in the district.  Just give them Kev’s number.

The Gym was active during the Christmas break. Even John Banks had to work off some of the Plumb Pudding. For those unbelievers a picture tells a thousand words.

All up about six to seven per session turned up. Can’t understand why more of you aren’t using it.

Small changes are being made to the tea room. Late last year there were more members attend than what Covid  seating allowed for, so, re-arranging the seats on the Titanic. Be patient with us while we ensure everyone is comfortable with the distancing and setup for smoko.  Suggestions in the Box. By the way, there were no suggestions from 2020.

The bench seats for the Anglican Church are now in the painter’s shop where Doug is making an average welding job look gooood. The chippies will complete the timberwork and install in the Church grounds.

For those of you that were wondering about all the activity around the metal shop lately. Here is a snapshot of the fence and one of the gates manufactured and installed on the farm. We are currently waiting for another roll of wire to arrive, and the manufacture of the small gate, to complete the job. Many thanks to those members who assisted in this undertaking, about ten involved on site and others in the Shed. It is a job that we can be proud of. Let’s hope the client doesn’t tell anyone who did it, one is enough.

Another job for the girlfriend Jim? Two beautifully restored lead-lighted panels. The quality coming out of the Shed is to be commended. Can’t wait to see the completed panels from the lead lighters.

John Porch, spent all his waking hours worrying about the scrolling work for the gates. So these are not Bill”s Gates these are Johnny’s Gates. John can I tell you, you did a great job, made an average gate look professional.

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