February Newsletter

Arnie’s getting back his muscle tone, Chris does all he can to hold the wall from pulling in on JB. Yes, its Banksie in the Gym, can’t get enough of it.  We have a good roll up, especially on Friday’s, and I can see the difference its making in tone and mobility. We had another new member come to exercise last Friday, and we welcome “Ginger Mick”.

Just like to thank all those members who helped out at the two clearing sales we did this month. Thanks to Jim and Graham for organising the consumables and labour. Lads, this is not only a good money earner for the Shed (it’s our bickies and cake), it’s a bloody great social day out. So put your name down to help at the next one. Come March 2022 the trailer will be ready and it will be a whole lot easier to set up.

We seem to have had a run on chairs this month, with Kevin and Geoff working on the older ones and John must be redecorating at home and painting his dining room chairs white.

Brian’s working on the kitchen cupboard set that goes with the chairs, not really sure where they belong, but between Brian and Kevin it turned out to be a really good job.

The Mudgee pre -school benefitting from the vast experiences of Jim and Geoff repairing all the damaged toys from their collection. Isn’t this what Grand pop’s  do, the kids will tell you that we can fix anything. I think there is more to come.

We have two new scrolling tools that Moolarbeen Yancoal have donated. Grundy and JB are the experts, having brushed aside the “How to use” manual they have completed some really good work. The idea for this equipment is to develop a program for garden art and ornate gates, etc.

We now have a Plasma cutter, again donated by Moolarbeen Yancoal. This little machine will be good once we find someone to translate the Chinese into old men speak. We are looking at making weather veins and garden art. So let’s see the artiste in some of you blokes and learn how to use it.

Thank goodness Neil isn’t bending over. The team ST&S are repairing their third garden seat, and can I say when mine is due I will be getting them to do it. The two they have done are excellent work.

We would like to know more about you.


I was born in Coonabarabran on the 11h July 1936 and grew up on the family properties of his parents in the Mendooran district of the Central Western District of NSW. My early education was via correspondence and later attended The King’s School as a boarder. On leaving I returned home to gain knowledge of farming and livestock husbandry, my first job was as farm hand and paid 2 pounds 12 and 6 pence a week with keep. On weekends we played tennis on our own court and that of other young friends in the district, this was our relaxation. As the stock work was done on horses a natural progression was to play polo-crosse, this was our sport for which we played competitively for many years.

On marrying I took over managing the family properties once my parents retired to Sydney. Following the death of my father, the family estates were sold to pay out the beneficiary’s and myself .With my wife Jane and four children we moved to the North Shore of Sydney, where I took up a position with Real Estate firm Richardson & Wrench. I became branch manager of several offices and during this time obtained my Real Estate licences.

In 1980 I formed a long standing and successful business partnership with country friend Brian Morse, in a Real Estate business at Wahroonga and Pymble on Sydney’s upper north shore. During this time I gained a vast amount of experience in sales, marketing and general business practices, whilst continuing my interest in livestock and rural affairs. I had been a cattle steward at the Sydney Royal Show for over 30 years. I was also a Justice of the Peace in the State of New South Wales.

In 2002 we sold the Real Estate Agency after some 30 years in the business. A condition of the sales contract was, that I had to continue on as a employee for a further 2 years. During this time Jane and I took a three month holiday tour of Europe and the United Kingdom.

At the conclusion of the employment condition I obtained a position with Vicomte Bernard de Romanet, an International wine company selling and marketing wine from European and Australian wine makers. At the commencement of employment I did a wine appreciation course and a responsible service of alcohol course. This period of my life allowed me to gain much knowledge of the wine industry and one for which I had great interest.

At the end of 2004 I was invited to join a Rural based Real Estate Company, as a Director. This continued for approximately 4 years, when the company was sold.

Following a short period where we moved to the Hunter valley to assist a son in business, we moved to Mudgee to retire.

Since moving to Mudgee, I joined the Mudgee Men’s Shed. Following the disastrous fire to the shed, I found myself at a loss. Being a busy person and not enjoying being idle I found work, part time gardening and repairing furniture.

Known to my friends as “Scotty” and to my family as “Dar”.

Jane and I have four children and eight grandchildren ranging in ages from 24 to 14.


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