June 2021 Newsletter

Wombat’s our go to man when it comes to rocking horses. He pleaded with the Shed Manager to be allowed to take on this project and with Kevin (who just about volunteers for everything) they have made great progress. Thankfully Kev cleaned up the rocking horse shit before we took this photo. It has been decided that we will approach the Rotary Sunrise group to take it for their fundraising towards the Cancer lodge at Dubbo. Wombat can’t wait for the next one. I’ll keep you posted.

Colin is pointing in wonder at the completed bird feeder. Albert and Harold took some time to plan and construct the project, that’s why Col is pointing in disbelief.

Don’t think Greg Toole constructions will have them on site any time soon. But well done anyway lads, it did turn out really well.

This is a really great study of Graeme operating the Pantograph, not too sure what he is doing exactly and it’s a bit different to his model planes – guarantee it won’t fly.  The ‘100 year old’ machine originally donated by John Pickup without operating instructions, was a major trial and error process to work out. However, Graeme and new apprentice John, are doing exceedingly well with the labels they are making. But they are yet to figure out how to make round labels – which were John Pickup’s specialty.

This looks the same as the last Chook box Kev built in the May’s edition, but to those who know this one is a lady chook box as opposed to the man chook box in that newsletter. What’s the difference, I hear you ask. Kev tells me there is a bidet in the powder room and pink cushions. I’ll take his word for that.

Members enjoying lunch before the monthly meeting. Jim puts on a great spread each month, not sure what he is planning this month. Although as it stands under the current Covid-19 rules, as of Monday the 28th June, we all have to wear masks while in the Shed, exception when are you eating, and the chairs will have to be left at 1.5m apart.

The Billiard table is still on the planning board, we have a bit of work to do to get a grants application up and running. The plan is to provide an activity that all can enjoy and to enhance social interaction by inviting other Sheds in the area to inter-shed social competition. Watch this space.


Where were you born? – Kingston Upon Hull, in the United Kingdom. I lived here for 25 years.

Where were you schooled and for how long. – Attended the local primary school for 5 years, and after he war, schools were scarce as they had mostly been bombed. I virtually had no schooling until I was 10, then went to Linconshire for 2 years then all over the country to about another 3 more schools, leaving when I was 15.

Then I went pig farming for 2 years, then moved back to Hull and went on the river tugs for 5 years. I was called into compulsory National |Service, the last intake in 1961. After initial training I went to the Catering Corp and became a pastry cook. I did 4 different sweets, every day for about 1000 men. I did this mostly on my own. It was a good job.

I was already married so we came to Australia in 1963 and we settled in Ashfield then moved to St Mary’s for 34 years. During this time we had 3 children. I had several jobs, then with CSR making floor tiles for 5 years. Then to 3M for 30 years at St Mary’s. I was quality control over adhesives and tapes etc.

After a short time at Warragamba, our house burnt down. My son and I rebuilt it inside. Then in 1982 I purchased land at Mudgee and built my house there. After some 15 years of weekend work, it was finally finished and I moved in. My wife passed away just as the house was being completed.

I contented myself on my 40acres, then joined he shed, actually before it opened, and enjoy a couple of days a week there.

Not really any nicknames, just Banksy. I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren, all girls. They live in Newcastle and Penrith areas, but they come up here to visit and I go down too. I have a daughter living next door on her own 25 acres.

I have travelled back home once, 1998, for 5 weeks, catching up with family. It had changed but for the worse. I was glad to get back to Australia.

I never played much sport, but had many hobbies like horses fishing reading and building things. With he odd drinking sessions and dancing, rock and roll…

If I had my time over again I would not get married????

I was watching the road runner on T.V with my son on my knee. Every time the wolf fell off the cliff and climbed back up again, we would laugh out loud. After several times my wife walked into the room and said “I don’t know what you are laughing at, how could not fall off a cliff that many times and live? That’s when we did laugh!!!!! My Mum and Dad were my biggest influences in my life.