July 2021 News Letter

This deserves a page of its own.

New member Able, is a Maori of the old school, He does traditional carvings of TIKI’s , I call it that because I couldn’t spell the name he gave them. Anyway they are beautifully carved he is patient, I mean patient.

Then when he completed his first one and we looked closer we found he was actually sculpture who does self portraits. Not sure about the scale, but it’s a pity they don’t have Archy’s for sculpture. This could make our National Monthly Magazine “A Spanner in the Works”

OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH. It may only have taken 18 months, give or take a Covid shutdown, but the BBQ trailer is up and running. We will give it a run at next Wednesday’s lunch. Thanks to all those who helped. Great job. If you have trouble telling the colour it’s BLUE

Is there no stopping the Wombat and Mick. We are donating the two rocking horses they are making to Rotary Sunrise, who are fundraising for the Dubbo Cancer Care Lodge. He has nearly completed the first and has already started on the second prize rocker. Should be finished before Christmas if it goes like everything else we make.

It’s starting to take shape, deep in technical discussion, these two arty farty blokes are debating the finer points of the BIG BIRD being made in the welding shop. John is probably saying to Gary, “This is not a democracy mate, it’s my way or the highway”  no prizes for guessing what Gary’s reply was.

What do you do with a wine barrel when you drink it dry? Cut it in half to get the dregs. Talk about a tight arse, I don’t think he shared with Arnie.

Covid safe at Smoko, just having problems drinking our tea through the masks, any ideas?

Christmas in July at Club Mudgee, It was a great night, that’s some of our older members behind Mac and Rita.


I was born in Wellington, NSW during the war in 1943. My parents were Alfred and Sarah (Spicer). Dad was a shearer and at times he would be away for months. Mum raised me and my sister, Margaret most of the time.

I went to school in Wellington until I was 8 years old, and then we moved to Gulgong so Mum could look after her parents.

I attended Gulgong school to the age of 15 reaching 3rd year in high school.

I left school and worked for Bill Gossage on his chook farm. We mixed mash daily for the hens and collected eggs every day. They were then washed and put in egg boxes. It was very hard work, mixing concrete some days to build sheds for the chooks. I was paid five pounds eight and six per week for a six day working week. I would give Mum four pounds for my keep and board and have one pound eight shillings and sixpence for myself. I did this for 12 months.

I then worked in a dairy for 6 months then did some building work and Bill Tomlinson, who gave me an apprenticeship as a carpenter. I stayed with Bill for 4 years then came into Mudgee and worked for Jimmy Cluff, for 12 months to finish my apprenticeship.  I then started truck driving to Sydney for Barlow’s and stayed  a bit over 12 months. I gave Barlow’s a weeks notice to finish up, and on my last trip to Sydney, we were loaded with strawberry’s, cucumbers, gherkins when the brakes failed and I had a terrible accident. I was trapped in the cabin for hours then rushed to Parramatta hospital where I stayed for 3 weeks.

On return to Mudgee  I worked with Cluff again building houses for the housing commission. After a few years I went back driving trucks for Macquarie Juices. Stayed there until my retirement at the age of 65.

I played football and did some boxing in my school days. Was married at 19 to Di Sawyers from Mudgee. We are still together today after 58 years.

We have a son Stephen and a daughter Tanya and 5 grand kids.

About 3 years ago I joined the Mens Shed and attend regularly. I was bored with retirement and joining the shed was the best thing I have done. For many years I trained boxers at the Police Boys Club as it was known then.(now PCYC).

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