Mudgee Men’s Shed endevours to foster various activities for the benefit and enjoyment of men in the local community.

These activities include woodwork, metalwork, car restoration, mentoring programs or anything that aims to improve your quality of life.

Join us. We open on Monday and Wednesday, 9am to 3 pm. Please check the calendar on this website, in case of holiday and other special days when the shed is closed.

Our contact phone number is 02 6372 2788 or 0417 390 576

Latest News

Farewell Lyndon

Lyndon Field 10/07/1950 – 15/06/2015 Lyndon inspects a sick rotovator while the late Barry Orth looks on. Good, conciliatory, gentle and wise. If any of us can be called that when our hour is up, then we have truly lived a worthy life. Lyndon was such a man. 1950 was a good year for Penfold’s …

Road Rules

When the Men saw the bright coloured Chrysler cruiser pull into the car park and noted it was the Highway Patrol, some were glad they left their trailers at home. Sergeant Matt Adam, in charge of the six patrol cars based in Mudgee, came along to give the Men of the Shed a refresher on …

Defibrillator Training

Defibrillator Training Session You should have been there, if you weren’t you missed out on a great afternoon. You could call it a near death experience, because that’s what it will be if we don’t follow Karl’s advice on using the Shed’s defibrillator. Karl Fletcher gave a pretty inspiring talk on heart attacks (Cardio something …